Happy Battery Park Day!

Welcome to show day ... more specifically, the premiere of Hard Rock Sioux City's 2018 outdoor concert series.

Welcome back to Battery Park.

Before Post Malone hits the stage in front of the venue's fastest sell out crowd tonight, however, let's take a quick stroll down memory lane.

Here are my five favorite shots from Battery Park 2017:


5. Nelson

Canon 6D ... f/4 ... 1/800 sec ... ISO 400 ... 200 mm

Sometimes you get lucky.

I was in this spot for all of about 2 seconds before Matthew and Gunnar strolled down the thrust of the stage and leaned in for this perfect brotherly pose.

Good luck getting "After The Rain" out of your head after this. Here, I'll help, "Don't be afraid to lose what was never meant to be. Whoa! Aaaaafter the rain washes away the tears ..."

You're welcome.


4. Great White

Canon 6D ... f/4 ... 1/500 ... ISO 3200 ... 24 mm

Full confession: I wasn't ready for this moment. Had no idea it was coming.

I was side stage with the wrong lens on my trusty 6D, but when a vocal powerhouse like Terry Ilous motions for you to join him on stage, you get ready in a hurry and pray that you don't drop anything expensive in front of a few thousand people.

Mission accomplished ... OK ... full confession #2: I did drop my camera in front of a few thousand people a few weeks prior, but I'm pretty sure only about four of them were paying attention to me at the time.


3. Five Finger Death Punch

Canon 6D ... f/4 ... 1/500 ... ISO 3200 ... 24 mm

It's always such an honor to be given the access that I was granted by Five Finger Death Punch last September.

It goes without saying that photos from this perspective cannot be captured without tremendous cooperation from the band and its crew. These guys could not have been nicer and easier to work with.

As far as the picture goes, the perfectionist monster inside me absolutely loves how the drum stick frames the left side of the spotlight, as well as how the inside beams come to a point at the tip of Jeremy Spencer's faux hawk.


2. Five Finger Death Punch

Canon 6D ... f/4 ... 1/200 ... ISO 3200 ... 67 mm

Again, I was lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time thanks to amazing access.

As a music photographer, you live for moments like this one between Ivan L. Moody and Jason Hook. 

This will always be one of my favorite images.


1. Willie Nelson

Canon 6D ... f/4 ... 1/200 ... ISO 400 ... 73 mm

I can still hear Willie plucking the strings of Trigger as clearly as I did 11 months ago. Not through the nearby monitors, but I was so close that I could hear it coming straight from that legendary guitar.

The thought still makes me shake my head. What a life this is.

When our mid-80s come calling, may we all be as happy as Willie looks in this photo.